Saturday, April 10, 2021

Louisville Racing First Official Game


Louisville Racing women's soccer team got off to a good start with their first official game in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). They played the Orlando Pride to a draw 2-2. The weather was a factor in the game where it had rained almost all day and then cleared up for the start of the game. About 10 minutes into play it started raining, at times heavy. Since there was no lightning play was not suspended. Later in the game a rainbow appeared.

The stadium was at limited attendance due to Covid. Over 5,000 people attended and I was impressed with Louisville's team effort/energy and the beautiful stadium. I hope they do well in the city and I did my part by becoming a season ticket holder. The games can be watched on Paramount+. After watching some of the league's other teams, Racing has a challenging season ahead of them.

Goal for it, Racing!

Friday, December 11, 2020

R.I.P. Uncle George


My Uncle George Popp (September 1, 1929-December 1, 2020) was buried on December 10, 2020. This fuchsia colored rose was part of his funeral arrangement. 

Memories of Uncle George is of a very tall man who did a lot of outdoors things (hunting, fishing, gardening, woodworking). He introduced me to snapping turtle soup. We tended to catch a lot of snapping turtles in the creek running through our backyard at my childhood home. In August of this year I saw some snapping turtles near my watermelon garden. It was the first time in decades I had seen this type of turtle out of water.

We had a family retreat on the Little Blue River in Crawford County, Indiana. He was able to catch a spoon bill catfish (American paddlefish or Polyodon spathula) there. The only one I have seen in person.

He worked and retired from the Armour Star meat packing company. Another childhood memory was when our families bought a slaughtered hog and the process of butchering it. It is my only experience of being up close to when pork sausage was made and day still is with me.

Aunt Mary Jean and Uncle George's house was only 2 miles from our home. I would cycle there from time to time. Also after I returned to Indiana after college, several times I cycled there from a home maybe 10 miles away.

Also remember birthday or other family parties at their house where home made ice cream was made. Such a treat.

All in all, I hope my aunt and uncle are now together again in some form after 70 years of marriage.

Requiescat in pace.

Saturday, July 04, 2020