Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vintage Indiana

We attended a great festival yesterday that highlights some of Indiana's wineries. The event is held in downtown Indianapolis at the Military Park. The fence off the park and then set up lots of tents to house the wineries, restaurants, information booths, and art dealers. The event runs from 11am-7pm.

More information can be found about it at:

I visited about 11 different winery tables and probably sampled 14 different wines. When you enter the park and you have an adult tasting ticket ($17 if purchased early) you are given a wine glass. You present the wine glass at the winery table and tell them which wine you would like to taste. They pour a sample usually to the line at the bottom of the glass that might fill it 1/8 of the way up. After you taste that you can ask for more samples. If you find a wine you like you can purchase it at the tent. If you want to buy a lot, you can have them send it to a wine pick up tent and they will box it so you can get it to your vehicle easier.

My favorite wine was the Catawba from French Lick Winery. Usually the Red wines from wineries which I think are made from Concord grapes are what I like to sample. Fruity wines like blackberry and cherry are also some I like to sample.

The weather was nice with partly cloudy skies and a nice breeze. The park has a lot of old large trees that make it nice to sit under the shade and listen to the bands that play at the main stage while drinking wine and eating cheese/sausage/fruit.

Here are some pictures I took of the event: