Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Gaslight Inn

Two friends and I had dinner at the Gaslight Inn located in Jeffersontown, KY. Very nice atmosphere with a small bar next to a room with several tables. It being late we all ordered cheeseburgers and either fries or onion rings.

A very filling meal which afterwards I felt like I had eaten too much.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Visit to P.F. Chang

My wife and I visited P.F. Chang's for the first time last weekend. I thought since we went during Thunder Over Louisville it would be less crowded since it always seems to be. It seemed logical since about 800,000 people were downtown, this restaurant in the suburbs would have less people. Well, maybe it was less crowded but it was still crowded. We had reservations and it we still waited about 20 minutes.

It was enjoyable experience with a friendly staff and excellent food. My sister insisted we get the lettuce wraps to start the meal even though I usually do not eat appitizers. They turned out to be very good though we needed more lettuce leafs to finish off the dish. It said they contained spicy chicken but the food was not hot tasting. Google showed the lettuce wraps as something that searched for and I did the search and found a number of sites had the recipe listed.

The other two dishes we had were the the sweet and sour chicken and vegetable dumplings. I found both to be good. At the beginning of the meal, the server brought out a plate with different sauces and I tried the mixture of soy sauce, chili sauce and hot mustard. It was good. I found the sweet and sour chicken to have a noticable ginger taste which is not what I usually expect from this dish.

All and all a very nice meal and we will go back some time to try their other dishes.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Building Projects

The sunroom that has taken months and months to complete is now pretty much done. A oak step needs to be installed that will connect the kitchen and the sunroom tile floors together. The trim needs be chaulked and some touch up paint applied.

Most people would not have spent the time and effort to put a room into place but I am glad I did because you appreciate things more if you do them yourself. The room was nice to use this weekend with a nice breeze blowing through as we ate lunch.

Now I am removing the floor covering in the kitchen so it can be replaced with tile. Also I am starting to get the outside area ready so a patio can be poured between the sidewalk and sunroom.

Projects, projects... they never seem to end.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Calla Lily

Last year we planted a Calla Lily in the plant bed because it is such a beautiful flower. The plant is not rated for our area so I was wondering if it would survive the winter. Earlier this month the Easter lillies started to come up along with some of the other flowers but no Calla Lily. Then a late freeze hit and kill off some of the flowers. Well, while working in the yard this morning I found the shots of the Calla Lilly starting to come up. Good for it that it missed the freeze.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Carl & Jerry

I found this website dedicated to preserve the stories of Carl and Jerry written by John T. Frye for Popular Electronics from 1954-1964.

It sounds like a neat concept of teaching electronics through the adventures of these two youths. When I saw the story on Jeff Duntemann's blog, it reminded me of reading the Hardy Boys as a kid. Other stories are remember are Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators and The Mad Scientist Club.