Saturday, February 11, 2006

Astronomy Audio Shows

I was reading an article on and it mentioned a book called Moonrush by Dennis Wingo. I remember this name from when I was at University of Alabama Huntsville. He was involved with the student space society (SEDS) and their satellite (SEDSAT). I was involved in the IEEE so I was too busy to get involved in that group. The satellite was a neat idea but I think its optical system failed when it got up. Shortwave listeners might still be able to get data packets from it. See this page for more information about the SEDSAT

So I looked for the Moonrush book I found that there was show call The Space Show. You can download MP3s and listen to them later.

I found this show from Starizona called Let's Talk Stars. The show is hosted by astronomers Dave and Wendee Levy.

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