Saturday, May 05, 2007

Laser Printer Cartridge

I took a HP Laserjet 6L printer cartridge to local store of Cartridge World ( so they could refill it two days ago. I was told to come back the next day and retrieve it. Before going I looked up how much another cartridge would cost and it looked like it would be about $65 so they quoted me $45 but when I used Google Maps to find them, a coupon appeared that I could use for $10 off my first toner refill.

So returning to the store yesterday, the person behind the desk found my order and then said it will be $45 but I pointed out the coupon and it came to $35. So that was pretty good savings over buying another cartridge. After installing the cartridge and printing a test page, the print looked dark but there were toner splotches appearing every 4 cm in a column about the center of the page. I used Windows to print another test page and the toner places became just small spots so issue is going away.

I recommended Cartridge World to our purchasing person since she has a stack of cartridges in her office to take recycle. Also there is a large set of shelves full of cartridges for a variety of printers that need to be gotten rid of. So she was going to call them to see if they could process them.

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