Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fancy Farm Kentucky Picnic

The Fancy Farm, Kentucky Picnic was held on August 4, 2007 and I was there. It is known in Kentucky as the unofficial start of campaign season and this year there is a governor's race. I did not attend the political speeches but reading about them in the paper, it appears the crowd was quite boisterous and confrontational. What I go for is the barbecue which is prepared in large pits. They told me 18,000 lbs were prepared this year.

This is picture of some of the pits they prepare barbecue in.

Here is the pavilion that the speeches are given in. Behind it is were a lot of the news crews set up to send their reports back to newscasts around the state. Off to the side, a large number of RVs and travel trailers are set up where VIPs and others can stay in the air conditioning and away from sometimes annoying crowds.
It was very hot this picnic and a lot of bottled water was being sold.

Sunday morning I got up and helped clean up the grounds. As a child I use to help clean after the picnic and it was quite a mess. The garbage seemed more concentrated on the paved areas where the booths and stands were. I ended up cleaning the ball field and the area around the school. Even though it was early morning, I got soaked from just working about 90 minutes.

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