Sunday, November 18, 2007

Whad Ya Know in Louisville

Public Radio's Whad' Ya Know show visited Louisville again and we were there. Our tickets were very close to the stage which was pretty crazy. This show was not a sell out like last time which was somewhat disappointing. Also last time they brought a bottle of Woodford Reserve at the beginning of the show and the host, announcer, and band were all drinking it during the show. It appeared to me that half that bottle was gone by the end of the show. This show a bottle was brought out at the end and only half of it was left so maybe it was being drunk off stage. I can see why this is one of their favorite cities to visit!

The Courier Journal's Bob Hill was interviewed first and he did well in his exchange with the host. It would have been nice to mention that Bob has a local radio show on WFPL about gardening or that he runs a plant nursery. Bob did bring some gifts of some bottled water with a unique name that is produced in Kentucky.
Later local chef Dean Corbett prepared a meal during the second part of the show and the smell was pretty good. It sort of reminded me of being in a Chinese restaurant. Dean was invited to do some imitations which he did (Bill Clinton, Steve Beshear (governor elect)). The one of Steve Beshear was quite good.

Laura Lee Brown was interviewed later in the show and she is one of the main people behind building a new 62 story building in Louisville. She is a decedent of the founder of Brown-Forman who makes Woodford Reserve (sponsor of this show). The theater might be named after the family as well. Our seats were pretty close as I already mentioned in that I am pretty sure on the bottom of her shoe it said Made in Italy on it. The last guest was Chris Morris who is a distiller at Woodford Reserve. He made two Mint Juleps for the Michael and the quiz participate.
Here are some pictures from after the show. I did not take any during the show because I was not sure if that was allowed. There was some sort of announcement before the show about taking flash photography because they were filming the show. I noticed a remote control camera on the stage so it appeared to be being recorded. There were several photographers roaming around taking pictures during the show.

Above pictures shows quiz contestant looking out into theater, Michael Feldman looking to greet members of the audience, and Jim Packard (in background in red).

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