Friday, April 04, 2008

Human Powered Toy Vehicle

At the Louisville Science Center today I picked up a vehicle somewhat had built at the model table and used it in my circuits demonstration. It was a nice design and I used for my morning and afternoon demonstrations. The morning demo was a little different than the afternoon in that I had a chance to change the vehicle frame to incorporate the fan motor horizontally.
Here is a picture from a movie I took of the vehicle at rest at the end of the table.
This picture shows the vehicle moving away from the camera being propelled by the spinning fan as I power it with the dynamo.

The picture below shows the afternoon car with and expanded back frame that shows the rubber band attached motor with the connection wires fastened to the front.

This image shows the morning version with a narrow top frame and the motor attached with 4 rubber bands. The motor started to fall off and one of the rubber bands broke after 16 moved the car down the table.
Neat idea but not built to last.

It was good to see that design work and get some children to think about creative ways to use their toys.

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