Friday, July 25, 2008

Tent Camping at Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Since we were out boating from morning to evening, my cousin and I decided to tent camp at Cumberland Lake, Kentucky to allow an early start in the morning.

We stayed at the campground at Grinder Hill Dock ( and I will say it is a steep hill going to the lake. The campground was nice and it has 10 tent sites with us and one other group being the only tent campers that night. The campsite had a slight view of the lake through the trees and you could hear the boats out on the lake. Most of the campers were in trailers at the campground.

The temperature was in the 90s during the day and at night around 9 AM it still was in the 80s. It took a while to go to sleep but by morning the temperature was in the 60s F. It was very dry there and it did not appear to have rained in a while so we did not start a camp fire.

It would be nice to camp when it is cooler but a very pleasant place to stay.

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