Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Charleston Gray Watermelon Planting - KYANA Plant Sale

Using Adobe Illustrator and a HP Photosmart inkjet printer, I created some seed packets for the upcoming KYANA Geological Society Plant Sale. The Charleston Gray watermelon is a heirloom variety so I save the seeds each year to use for the next crop. This watermelon was developed in the 1950s by what is now the United States Vegetable Laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina.

This design is sort of rough after looking at seed packets in the store. Also the flap overlaps an image and part of the text on the back. I used glue to adhere the two parts of the packet together and then used clear tape to fasten the flap closed.

These packets are loaded with seeds and the packet footprint is 2" x 3".

I was able to plant 10 hills of watermelons last weekend. I had already found one watermelon plant growing on one hill and 3 cantaloupe plants on another. I am mostly planting Charleston Gray melons this year since they are such prolific producers. I also planted two hills of pumpkins.

So in about 3 months I should be seeing some watermelons. I found this recipe for watermelon lemonade at this blog. Scroll down to the August 10, 2007 entry and you find the recipe with some pictures. Cannot wait to harvest the crop and try it out!

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