Sunday, September 27, 2009

IdeaFestival Sidewalk Art

Volunteered at IdeaFestival again this year. It is held in Louisville, Kentucky and the main hosting site changed to the Kentucky Center for the Arts. Due to scheduling issues I did not work as much as I have in the past. My first volunteer session was helping at Hotel 21c on Main Street. It is like an art gallery that moonlights as a hotel.

My second session was with artist Julian Beever on the festivals last day. This artist is world renowned for creating artistic illusions on sidewalks. This first picture shows the tent that was covering the sidewalk with an IdeaFestival banner. The artist is sitting down. The tent was needed because it has been so rainy these past days. He has worked on the mural from Wednesday till Saturday. Find out more about the artist at his website.

Here is the partially completed artwork. The main theme seemed to deal with floating flower planters. It incorporated one planter sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Here is the artist Jullian Beever preparing for a picture shot of him appearing to crawl along the edge of the pastel overpass he has created on the sidewalk.

My time helping him, he seemed like a very friendly and easy going person. I am glad he accepted a commission to do an artwork in our city over this last week.

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