Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mottainai -- Thrifty Mind

Here is a rug on exhibit at the Carnegie Center for Art & History located at 201 East Spring St., New Albany, Indiana 47150, 812-944-7336. It is part of the Stripes: United States/Japan Traveling Hooked Rug Exhibit III 2009 on display till October 24,2009.

After viewing this rug, I learned something new about Japan. The term mottainai which translates to "don't waste". Recycling should be a big part of our society and this rug reflects this sentiment.

The description card reads:
"Thrifty Mind
Keiko Ito
Okszaki City, Aichi-ken Japan
The Japanese idea of mottainai ("don't waste") is now known worldwide. I hope the spirit of a frugal lifestyle of giving new life to a disused article and of thanking will always spread. The materials used for this rug were all recycled wool."

A close up of some of the stitching work.

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