Monday, July 11, 2011

Fixing a G&E Dryer

A while back, I got an e-mail from a relative about their dryer being broken.  They wanted to know I could haul it off before the replacement unit arrived they had ordered.  After inquiring why they were replacing it, the answer was it would not turn on.  Well, one should investigate before spending a lot of money for a replacement.  Possible causes could be a blown fuse or failed connection.

My response was to hold off on ordering a new unit until the old one could be examined.  Looking at the dryer it indeed did not turn on.  I first looked for a fuse that might have failed.  After not finding one, I went over the control knobs and switches which seemed to be in working order.  Next the door switch was examined.  It was somewhat difficult to pry out and part of the outside plastic broke but it did come out.  Using a multimeter the switch was always opened thus it failed.  As a test, I shorted the two wires that connected the switch and dryer began to work.  Since the dryer was pulled out, all the area was vacuumed to remove lint and dust.

A new switch was ordered on the Internet for about $25 with $10 shipping.  Once the switch arrived, I replaced it and the dryer is back in service.  Interestingly, the dryer was manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky years ago.

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