Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Repairing the Dishwasher Rack

After about 15 years of use this dishwasher started to lose the rubber seal that protects the metal frame that holds dishes and glasses to be washed. The bottom rack had the most erosion as can be seen on the above images. The top rack had smaller spots that were starting to rust.

In order to fix this, I went to Home Depot and bought some rubber like compound for about $5. It was called ReRACK Dishwasher Rack Repair from Performix. It is a small bottle of a white fluid that has brush on the bottom of the cap.

First I removed the rack from the dish washer. I then cleaned the spots off and removed loose pieces of rubber to expose the metal frame well. The pieces of rusted metal were then filed down to expose bare metal.
The metal pieces were then coated with rubber compound. I waited about 15 minutes between coats to let the fluid set up. I then rotate the frame to make sure the compound was coating the exposed areas. The frame was left for 24 hours to set up.

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