Monday, April 29, 2013

Telsa S 60

While in Indianapolis at a family gathering, a relative was showing us a new car. It is the Telsa S 60 and it is quite a car. All electric and very quiet, it makes a good impression. The door handles recede into the doors until the key is detected nearby, they then protrude out. There is no engine compartment, the front hood covers a storage area and the back is room from two seats so the car can hold 7 passengers.

The charging connector is not that big and fits in a port behind the driver side reflector.
 Charging port shown in next picture.
 The front dash display has access to a rear camera for backing up. It also can access the Internet to get news and driving information.
 Disc brakes help the car stop and I am not sure if they are regenerative or not.
 View of what the driver sees on their display.
 Look at whats under the front hood...not quite what one expects!

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