Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Maintenance on a Nissan NX-1600

Today I finally change the PCV valve and sparks plugs on the Nissan NX-1600. The engineers who developed the car did a nice job of placing the devices within easy access. The sparks plugs are all right on top of the engine and in plain view after lifting the hood. I did not have the correct fitting for the torque wrench so I just tightened them back until they were snug. Not being a car expert, I consulted the Autozone website on spark plugs. Looking at their pictures, the spark plugs I removed looked like they were wearing normally. The electrode had turned grey and around it there was brownish residue. The spark cap on some of the plugs had reached .045 and it should be .039-.043 (I think).

I replaced the 4 plugs with Bosch Platinum plugs so they should not have to be changed for a while. The PCV value was a little more difficult to change since a tube needed to be removed. It is right next to one of the spark plugs and very easy to access. The one I removed had quite a bit of black gunk on both of its openings. I shook it and it rattled so that should means it is still working. My cousin told me that gunk means the oil was not being changed enough.

Drove the car around the neighborhood for about 1-2 miles and it seemed to have good pickup. I will know tomorrow after taking it out on the highway for an extended run. Still need repair/replace the muffler and hangers. Makes a rattling sound. Also need to change the oil and filter.

I am finding this car to be a pretty good commuter car. I gets gas mileage in the 30s mpg. The small size and lack of acceleration at speeds over 40 mph keep you on your toes around large trucks and SUVs. As summer approaches I am sure the lack of A/C will make me rethink why I am driving it.

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