Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Well, I made a post about the last book in a 2005 entry and early Saturday morning I went to a 24 hour Krogers and bought the book. I waited for the initial line to go away and when I arrived there was no line at the table with the stack of books. A small group came over from the nearby Borders and asked where the line was. The Kroger associate said it had dissipated and the could get their book and check out. They seemed very happy implying that it might be 3 A.M before they could get a book at Borders. After getting home, I then proceeded to read it till about page 320 before going to bed.

I finished reading the book about 6 A.M. Sunday morning and found the book to be very good. While I enjoy reading about his adventures, I am glad it is over but she has room to write books about future adventures.

J.K. Rowling said she would wrap up the story in this book and she does. After reading it, I can see why she has earned so much money and fame as a writer. The story ends with a very tidy ending and adding the epilogue really seals the deal. She shows that she is not afraid of killing off characters but at the same time sticks to themes on the power of love, self-sacrifice and performing the good action. She also adds some misdirection to keep the story from becoming too predictable.

It ends basically how I thought it would go and she did not go to dark in ending the adventure. The ending I think will please the majority of readers. I thought the action sequences were well spaced out with sections of the book dealing with just character development/interaction. It should make a good movie.

One thing, I saw several references to the word veela which appeared in the other books but I forgot what it meant. I looked in Webster's dictionary when I came across it in the book but it did not have an entry. The web says it is a feminine spirit from Eastern European folklore that can appear a young woman with long silky hair that has the ability to mesmerize or enchant men.

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