Thursday, July 26, 2007

Watermelon Truck

I was driving on the highway the other day and saw this.

This is not the best of pictures but it was a truck with the back door open and 6 containers of watermelon were in the truck. You can see a yellow bottom of a melon sticking out of the box on the left. I could not tell what type of watermelon it is though. There is no license plate visible so not sure where these are from. I am guessing it is open to keep the melons from getting too hot.

I also wonder what that load is worth. I am guessing that there might be 100 melons a box (I see boxes like this in Walmart sometimes so I will need to try and count them to get an idea of how many a box can hold). If they can sell melons to the retailer at $3 a melon then the load could be worth about $1800. Since I do not have a understanding of the produce retail market so I could be way off base on money values.

On a side note, the watermelons I am growing are quite small as plants. No blooms are showing so I am in trouble with fruit being produced this season. Hopefully, the pumpkin plant will produce a couple pumpkins for Halloween.

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