Sunday, January 27, 2008

Volunteering at the Louisville Science Center

Well, I have been volunteering at the Louisville Science Center for months now and last Friday was my first special events volunteer session. The special event was teacher's night and a lot of teachers seemed to show up. I only gave presentations to about 20 people which was sort of disappointing since I had different ways to show science and mathematics with the Roger's Connection product.

The later session only had 5 people show up so I built a this pyramid structure with every segment we had in the kit. It is a large pyramid made up of 14 five sided pyramids (pentahedrons) sitting on top of 4 four sided pyramids (tetrahedrons) and the top is a di-pyramid (hexahedron or bi-pyramid) balanced on the top. It was neat structure which I was trying to use to entice someone over to the table for me to explain some principles or get them to try and build something.

A teacher finally came over with her husband and two children. The kids did not want to try and build anything but the teacher put her hand on the structure and pressed down and about half of it collapsed. I had to take it apart anyway so that was fine and I had already taken this picture. Her kids started building stuff with the pieces afterwards so it all worked out.

Here is a icosahedron (20 sides) that I was rotating to take a picture of.

The camera is a little too close for a clear shot of this octahedron (8 sides).

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