Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Electricity and Why We Love It

Here in Louisville, Kentucky a wind storm generated by what was left of hurricane Ike brought havoc to the local tree community. About 300,000 homes lost power and once you lose electricity for a while, ouch, you miss it.

THANK YOU to LG&E (Louisville Gas and Electric) for getting our power restored in about 42 hours. Actually, they restored it about 23 hours but it went off after 4 hours and stayed off another 15.

The big things were refrigeration and cooking. Next would be using the computer and cordless phones. Lights are great to have at night along with the garage door opener.

I found out the dynamo charger for my cell phone does not work to well. So I think I will buy a new dynamo and use this experience as motivation to get my solar array finished so it can be used as a battery charger.

The dynamos on the radio and the little LED flashlight did work pretty well.

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