Friday, September 26, 2008

IdeaFestival Taste of Innovations - Louisville, Kentucky

Last night, I attended Taste of Innovations at the IdeaFestival held at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Taste of Innovations is an event where attendees can sample dishes from restaurants and food suppliers in the Louisville area. It seemed like maybe 20 places were distributing food or drinks. I got to sample scallops and rice, bison beef on crackers, stir fried beef with rice, eggplant caviar on crackers with cheese, and lima bean-tomato soup. They had steak and shrimp but the line was a little long there. For desert, I sampled Kentucky bourbon fudge, a sorbet with flowers, Derby pie, and my favorite a mocha-bourbon truffle.

It was a great time at a great location. The room was lit in this wonderful blue color with projections of the orange and white IdeaFestival logo on different screens and walls. The music and announcements were not too loud so people were able to have conversations. Everything was spaced out well so it was pretty easy to obtain food. It was very easy to get deserts and drinks. Brown-Foreman produces some excellent cocktails with different products. I especially liked a drink made with Korbel California Champagne with a fruit punch. I also had several tea drinks that my have had whiskey in them and one had a taste of ginger.

A good time was had by all.


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