Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Purdue University - New Albany, Indiana Building

Today was the dedication to the Purdue University Building on Charlestown Road in New Albany, Indiana. The land for the building (40 acres) was donated by the Shine family who once owned 1000+ acres across Floyd County but now only this plot was left. The Shine control Samtec Corporation which I believe has $300+ million in sales so they decided to donate this land to Purdue for part of the school and the rest for an industrial/technology park.

The photo below is Purdue University's president Dr. France Cordova speaking to the group on hand for the dedication.
Below is John Shine talking about the process of how his family donated this land to Purdue.

This next photo is Sam Shine, John Shine's father explaining about his family connection to this area and how he and his brother use to work on this property. He talked of a persimmon tree he tended to fall from and how he mowed the fields of this property when he was younger. His brother was observing in the back and brought up how he got stuck in the wetlands on the property in a tractor. His main theme was that his family be good stewards of the land and this was how they would do by this donation. They also hope the technology know-how and education brings skilled workers to this area for Samtec and other local businesses.

Here are a number of people cutting the symbolic ribbon to the building. Two students, Kristen and Jonathan are holding the ribbon being cut. They are in the Computer Graphics Technology program.

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