Friday, October 18, 2013

Hats of Asia Exhibition

The above image is of a doll featuring Fuji Musume (藤娘) or a Wisteria Maiden. It depicts a dance scene from Japanese Kabuki theater. It can be found at the Asia Institute - Crane House. Learn more about Kabuki at this web site.

The Asia Institute - Crane House is a place to promote Asian culture in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The house is located at 1244 S. Third Street, Louisville Kentucky 40203. It is free to visit the house so if you are in the area I encourage you to do so. Learn more at their web site.

As of this writing (October 2013), The Asia Institute - Crane House are exhibiting a collection of hats from the different cultures around Asia. The exhibition is called Covering Asia: Telling the Story of Asia through Hats. The exhibit runs from September 27, 2013 till May 9, 2014.

The following is a small sampling of items on display at this exhibit.

Kang Dong or round turban worn during formal occasions in Vietnam.

Kang Dong or round turban worn during weddings by the bride and groom in Vietnam.

Chinese skull cap worn till the 1940s. Also referred to as guan pimao or melon cap (xiao mao).

China green army hat used after 1950s. This one is missing its red star.

China Long March cap used after 1950s.

Muslim winter hat used in Beijing China.

Kingfisher jewelry worn on special occasions in China. The Kingfisher bird that had blue colorful feathers the jewelry was based on was hunted to extinction in China. Learn more at this web site.

Model of Japanese Samurai helmet.

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