Sunday, October 06, 2013

St. James Court Art Show 2013

I visited the St. James Court Art Show and it is quite an event to take in. I am not sure how many vendors both official and unofficial but it seemed like hundreds. Lots of colors and shapes along with a wide variety of media types to visually take in.

Last time I visited, I talked to more artists and took some pictures of their works. This time due to the heat and seeing some signs about no photography I did not spend time conversing.

The most interesting art I saw was from a man who created a wide variety of airplane models (e.g. Boeing airliners, military aircraft B-52, SR-71, C-130) out of aluminum cans. The airplane made from Mountain Dew cans was pretty cool. If I did not have so much clutter in the office, I would have bought one of his models.

Another artist was using fractals to create art. He posted some of his source code and it was neat to see. He was running a number of values through loops and computing values using 2nd and 3rd order polynomials the best I could tell from the code segment I saw. I am not sure if fractals use recursion or not.

I think some artists from Louisville's sister city in China were visiting and doing live painting demos. It seemed interesting and when I passed by they had a number of American visitors interested in their art.

One artist booth I did remember on nature photography was Mark J. Thomas and he had an image of a blue iceberg. The picture was incredible with such vivid blues. He also had some great images of hummingbirds eating from flowers. Another image that seems prominent was that of a robin washing in a pool of water. See more at his web site here and learn more about the blue iceberg here.

Sadly, this the 57th art show was cancelled on Saturday a day early because of the heavy rains the area has been experiencing. Sunday might have had high winds and more heavy rain so organizers closed the show for safety reasons. Too bad since a number of vendors are from out of state and this is a special show for them.

UPDATE: I was looking at this artist's posting about the show and sales were dismal for him at only $20. Read about it here.

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