Monday, July 04, 2005

A Blast Out in the Solar System for the 4th of July

Congratulations NASA/JPL's Deep Impact probe for success in achieving contact with the Tempel 1 comet. It was especially neat to see the Hubble images of the meeting and the movie on the JPL website that shows the probe approach to the comet. I am glad that the mission was successful.

I was watching part of an infomercial this weekend and saw a product that claims to relieve pain by flashing red and blue leds onto the skin. This product looks kind of bizarre to me in that it appears to be circuit board with 20-30 leds that flash on it. It would be nice if they had some documentation on the exact studies that show this thing working. I have seen some NASA work using red/blue light to promote plant growth but this device seemed somewhat simple. When I get a chance I will research this for the sources that might show this light actually does what it says.

I will post some pictures of the corn plant blooming. The pictures will be after the bloom stalk has slumped over but the blooms are still visible.

The watermelon plants are growing well. There is one small marble size melon on one plant. The weather has been hot and humid this last week and the plants seem to be relishing it.

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