Saturday, July 16, 2005

So Mr. Potter... We meet again

Well, I joined the legions tonight buying the next Harry Potter book. I decided to avoid the parties at the bookstores and went to Kroger on my way home. I got there right at midnight and saw a young man leaving the store with a book. I saw the registers and there were more people leaving with bags with books in them. I heard the manager ask the people setting up the table, how many books had been sold. They said three boxes and looks like they unpacked maybe 20. I got some more groceries before getting a book so maybe another box had been sold by the time I left the store. The store I was at had no lines and with self check out people were getting out pretty quick. I think some places had it cheaper but the convenience was worth it. At almost 700 pages, I am not sure I will be able to finish before the weekend. I expect the story to get dark from here on out.

A new season of shows started on Sci-Fi. SG-1 looks to be interesting with a number of new people and some of the main stars missing. I thought Atlantis got off to a good start and hopefully the story lines will be better than last seasons. Battle Star Glactica is a dark show though I liked that it had more action than some of the ones I saw last season. Off to a good start and hopefully I will get a chance to watch some more.

The watermelon garden is looking pretty good. The fungus does not seem to be spreading too rapidly but it would be nice if we could get some sunny days to help fight off the infection. I brought some leaves back and I hope to look at them under the microscope.

Well, I need to get some reading in...

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