Saturday, July 16, 2005

Reading What A Lot of Other People Are

Well, I am about 200+ pages into the book and it is following the previous formula for the most part. No big surprises so far but the author is bringing in foreshadowing (or is she) in the passages I have encountered so far. Only more reading will reveal or disprove my suspicions. The mystery I am trying to figure out is: who will she kill off? It will be interesting to learn how well the sales of the book did.

Here are some more watermelon pictures. The new imaging tool is definitely more convenient to use and allows image to be put into the text. The image on the left shows a melon that looks like a miniature Charleston Gray melon but I did not plant any of those. The image on the right shows some of the melons in the back field. They have flowers but no fruit that I can find. The ones in the picture are Moon & Stars.

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