Monday, February 18, 2008

Bug Found In Autodesk Maya 2008 Unlimited

For weeks now, I have been trying to learn how to model things in the Autodesk Maya software application. I started with Maya 8.5 Personal Learning Edition (PLE) available for free from their site. At school, we use a real version of Maya 8.5 and after a while it was getting hard to make it to the lab when it was open or other activities were going on there so I order an educational copy. At this time, Autodesk is selling the newest version 2008 so I had to buy that. It has one new feature I like, a cube that shows up in the panels and on the side orthographic panel it allows right/left view flipping.

Unfortunately, a software bug appeared not long after using it. It occurred in the Color Chooser window with the background for where sliders and color choice boxes go missing. The slider and boxes still respond to mouse movement and clicks and can be used. It is just they cannot be seen.
I filed a bug report but I wonder if I get any response since it appears you have to some of support subscription to get help. It is too bad I cannot add more information to my report since when I was at school today it dawn on me that the problem could be from using two monitors with my computer. So tonight I tested that out and sure enough the main monitor works okay with the Color Chooser but the when it is displayed on the extended desktop monitor when it is in a 1280x1024 or 1400x1050 mode the area of the window disappear.
It would seem that video card in my computer is running out of memory thus the display areas have no allocation and are blank.

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