Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Storms and the Alert System

Last night we had some very intense storms in this area. My alarm clock/radio has a NOAA alert feature that sounds a claxon like sound which was intended to wake the near dead. The problem with it is it would go off for about every alert within 60 miles of us. So sometimes early in the morning the alarm would sound and it would be for somewhere in south central Indiana.

So I got a zoned weather radio that once you tell it your particular county it will only go off if the alert is for that county. It went off around 12:10 AM this morning, twice. So it got my attention to go look out the window in which the sirens started going off. We went downstairs and sat in a windowless room with the radio on till the weather alert was over around 12:35 AM. I think the sirens went off 3 times and the houses across the street had their lights on so it got their attention as well.

Luckily, not a lot damage occurred. I saw a sign blown over and a tree blown out of the ground on the main street of our subdivision. A number of people died across the country in that storm system so it is good that we have system to keep us vigilant.

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