Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trilobite FOUND!

This morning I went on my first field trip with the KYANA Geological Society ( They are very nice people and we visited a road cut on Bardstown Road in Bullitt County, Kentucky. The site had a lot of brachiopods and I found about 35 fully intact ones. I also found 13 pieces of cephalopods, bryozoans, gastropods, quartz, and pyrite.

My BIG find of the day was a almost fully intact trilobite! I was getting ready to leave and looked out the outcrop near the vehicles. We were examining the rock across the road so no one was really looking at the smaller group of rock. I was finding some nice very small fossils with good detail since I was so close to the rock area and the rains had washed off the rocks well. I looked some more in the area around where I found this one but did not spot anymore pieces.

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