Friday, June 13, 2008

Chemistry at the Louisville Science Center

There is one walk up activity in the World We Create exhibit that few educators or volunteers/volunteens demonstrate with. It is the chemistry molecule building set.

After looking at the instructions and the compounds given as examples to build I was not sure what they were used for which makes it hard to show children if they cannot relate to the chemicals.

So I went looking for some more common compounds and here are a few of what I assembled.

Started off first with water or H2O which everyone should know about since our body primarily consists of it.

Next went to ethanol which is in the news a lot with corn prices and energy consumption.

The sugar glucose is important in life and makes for a good model to build.

Last is Kevlar but it not built correctly in this picture. One of the carbon atoms is missing. At the science center people come up to the table and after helping a group I must have gotten distracted while building this one. The other issue was I ran of carbon atoms and had to start taking apart some other compounds for atoms.

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