Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fossils from Hodgenville

Here are some fossils from Hodgenville, Kentucky famous for being the birthplace of United States president Abraham Lincoln.

These fossils for the most part are of bryzoan fenestella. It looks like a net pattern on the rock. There are also a few brachiopod imprints as well.

These creatures existed in the Mississippian (known in the United States) or elsewhere as early Carboniferous during the Paleozoic era. Timeline wise it was about 320-360 million years ago.

The rocks are reddish with white chalk like material and some rocks have a black almost burnt section to them. After consulting with a long time member of KYANA (Kentuckiana Geological Society), he told me that probably the red was iron, white silicon, and the black magnesium.

This is not a fossil but I thought it looked pretty neat so I took its picture.

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