Monday, June 02, 2008

Geology Field Trip to Bedford, Kentucky

Recently, I got to go on a geology field trip to Bedford, Kentucky to collect snails or gastropods. It was fun though it was hot and sunny. Also the weeds were making my allergies flare up. Found lots of neat fossils and here are some pictures of some.

Keeping my streak alive of finding some trilobite piece on my last 5 outings. This trip was extra nice in the the upside down flexicalymene trilobite that is about 50% there. Also found at least 5 other trilobite pieces.

On the way back home, the fire department of Bedford was collecting money at the stop light for the WHAS Crusade for Children so I gave the firefighter some money. His face was really red I assumed from being out in the sun for hours and hours so I gave him the rest of my 50 level sunblock. I hope he was able to use it because that looked like quite a sunburn. The sunblock packet came from the Louisville Mayor's ride so it was good I could pay it forward with them giving it to me and I able to give to someone else.

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