Monday, June 16, 2008

Fossil Hunting After Watermelon Planting

Last Friday, I finally got my watermelons planted in a field in Hodgenville, Kentucky. It is really late but our growing season has been messed up due to cooler weather in April and May.

On my way back to Louisville, I stopped off at Joe Prather highway and looked for fossils.

I found 4 trilobite tails embedded in a some rocks. So I keep my trend alive at find trilobite pieces on my last 6 outings. I thought this trip would end it since the area is not known for trilobites.

Here is a small shell I found but have not identified yet. It might be some type of Athyris brachiopod but I am not sure Devonian fossils are in this area. It would seem to be maybe from the Mississippian Period (Lower Carboniferous) so maybe it is a Beecheria brachiopod.

Here is a pea sized blastoid head which I was surprised to find. It might be a Pentremites from the Mississippian time period.

Another surprising thing about it is that is black in color.

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