Monday, June 20, 2005

Different Items for Today

Today I learned that drinking a Mountain Dew will probably take 25 minutes of cycling to burn off. I cycled for about 45 minutes to help burn off this and other dietary lapses today. Lubricated the chain afterwards because the gears are starting to make some noises.

Had to patch the Nissan NX muffler again. The intake pipe is starting to break loose of the muffler assembly. Hopefully, this will hold if not I will have to go to liquid metal.

Finished installing the bedroom overhead light and all seems to be well. I am not found of the globe lights with their aluminum stranded wire and exposed insulation. I would prefer a solid base piece and better quality wire. It lights up the room quite nicely and works well with the dimmer. Still need to go into the attic and redistribute the insulation.

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