Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wiring a new light and viewing Jupiter

I was up late tonight working on installing a new light in one of the bedrooms. Since I needed to be up in the cramped attic, I decided late at night was the best time. It was actually cooler in the attic than in the upstairs. Progress was made in that the wire was fished down to the switch box and the old switch removed. The spot where the new light was drilled in the ceiling and now I need a 2x4 to mount it on. Still need to 1) wire up new dimmer switch, 2) cut drywall for light box (got one for ceiling fan in case want to upgrade), 3) fit board and box to rafters, 4) wire up light, 5) remove outlet from switch circuit, and 6)clean up mess. Maybe this weekend will have a new light!

Since I was up, checked out Starry Night and found that the Jupiter was out. Got out the Mead Polaris 4" telescope with a 15mm eyepiece. After focusing on the moon for a while, always neat to see the craters and grayish-white surface. I found Jupiter low in the southwest(?) sky. I could barely make out its segmented areas. It looks like there two of its moons on either side.

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