Thursday, June 16, 2005

Random musings

The company I work for has instituted a summer dress code. We are now allowed to wear jeans and shorts to work. This policy is pretty cool. Recently, it has not been too hot but as the temperature goes up, having shorts on will definitely be nice.

I need to get the watermelons weeded and put black plastic down to control weeds, retain moisture in the surrounding soil, and increase heat to the plant. This weekend, I need to get these things done. I posted a picture of one of the large melons from 2 years ago. It was heirloom variety from a watermelon I saved the seeds from. I was surprised they grew so well. I planted 3 hills and did not realize how many plants would take off. They took over the garden plot and produced maybe 14-20 melons. All seeded with three varieties: a round Crimson Sweet like melon, a oblong/elliptical stripped melon, and Charleston Grey type melon (elongated). I find the the Charleston Grey melons mature the quickest. I did not plant any this year. I do not think I have any seeds. The ones I grew last year in Indiana started turning brown before the fruit matured (they were grown where the same melons grew the year before and from what I read, this is a no-no). The ones I grew in Kentucky became more rounded and were the size/shape of large pumpkins. I expected them not to taste very good since its seems they may have cross pollinated but they were sweet and held up well.

Last year, I grew several varieties: Indiana field: Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby, Lemon Ice (seedless), Sweetheart (seedless), Charleston grey came up themselves:: Kentucky field: Crimson Sweet, Charleston Grey, Rattlesnake, Sugar Baby, Sweetheart (seedless), unknown seeds I saved. I will try to post some pictures from this harvest.

Walking in the parking lot, I saw a bee getting pollen from clover flowers. It is rare that see the honey bees any more working the flowers. Since watermelons need them to germinate, I hope the bees show up this year and help the plants out.

The last three days I have cycled for at least 25 minutes. I need to start wearing a heart monitor. The mountain bike has been what I have been taking out. The tire on the road bike is flat and it needs to be fixed. The neighborhood is one big obstacle course, cars moving here and there, kids playing pick up / street basketball or baseball games, people walking/running, kids biking/skating, and neighbors out socializing. It can be a challenge moving from sidewalk to road and back dodging these items, riding through the occasional sprinkler and ducking/twisting to avoid a Bradford Pear branch growing across the sidewalk. There is a practical side to riding as well. I installed a basket and go to the store and buy items. I rode to the bank, the post office, and to get a hair cut. I read in a google blog that one person rides 40 miles to work twice a week. If we had the proper trail system here, I would try more aggressive rides like that but this is an automobile society.

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