Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Growing Watermelons

Well, another growing season is up on us and I have not a very good job at getting the watermelon plants out. Earlier in the year I ordered a variety of watermelon heirloom seeds (Moon & Stars, Mountain Hoosier, Oranglo). I also picked up seeds at the store. The big surprise was finding a seedless variety at WalMart for $0.97 called Ultra Cool. I am use to paying almost a $1 a seed from Park for seedless melon seeds. I also buy Sugar Baby packets from time to time since they seem to be the preferred plant to pollinate the seedless plants.

So far I have planted Moon & Stars, Sugar Baby (two different lots), Sweetheart seedless, Ultra cool seedless, Mountain Hoosier, and Oranglo. I also planted some potatoes left over from last years crop. The Moon and Stars variety might be the most interesting. The leaves have little yellow spots on them which is what the melons have on their skins as well. I will try to post some pictures soon of how the plants are progressing.

I regret I could not get any Crimson Sweet melons out. I might try and plant some at my other plot. I would like to get some cantaloupe out as well.

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