Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vino Frizzante

Today I had a glass of wine after coming backing from an evening bicycle ride. The bottle is one we brought back from Italy. The label is in Italian and I had sampled the wine and decided to get it for 8 euro when in Siena. I am still trying to decode it but the main part of the label says Moscadello di Montalcino Vino Frizzante 2003. I assume it says its a sparkling wine created in 2003 at the winery named in that region of Italy.

The wine was quite sweet and so people who are serious about wines would probably not like it. It was very bubbly white wine. It was nice to drink though sweeter than about any American wine I have had. It might not be as sweet as an ice wine though.

There is a wine festival in Indianapolis, Indiana every year in June. I think about 15 wineries get together and for an admission price you get to sample their different wines. It is a great opportunity to try different wines and we really found some nice wines from Madison and French Lick.

Cycling was good but I was running out of sunlight which gave me a 30 minute ride. It has become quite hot and humid.

My NX-1600 muffler fix did not hold. I think I will try patching it will liquid metal next.

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