Saturday, June 25, 2005

Visit to the Watermelon Garden

Tonight after work I went to cover the watermelon plants in the garden with black plastic. They are growing quite well though a difference can be seen by what part of the garden they are in. The first picture is of the Moon & Stars variety. It is hard to see in this picture but the melon leaves have small yellow spots on them like the melons will have on them. These spots are the stars and there will be one large one which will represent the moon.

The potato plants had some orange bugs on them. I tried to pick the bugs off the plants. I then saw something very interesting. A praying mantis eating part of some brown bug. It might have been a grass hopper. So I went to go get my camera and the mantis had moved. I found it on the other side of the plant waiting for another bug to come along.

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